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How to fix your Yamaha fairings with Epoxy

So, you have a bike with some cracks and scratches on the fairings. But did you know that before considering replacing the kit, you can attempt to fix it? Well, no matter if you have issues with your Yamaha R6 fairings, Yamaha R1 fairings, or any other bike, epoxy can help you save some money. So, if you managed to crack your fairing, here’s how you can save some money with a simple fix.


How epoxy can help with your Yamaha fairings problems

Most bikes come with fairings created from ABS, ABS/polycarbonate blends, or nylon (PA). This means you can repair your Yamaha fairings with a simple fix such as an epoxy filler or adhesive. Epoxy is excellent for fixing cracks, filling holes, or smoothing surface imperfections.

So, if you aim to fix your Yamaha fairings with epoxy, you will need top-notch epoxy, sandpaper, and a manufacturer-recommended fairing primer and paint. After you collect all these, you can use the following guide on fixing cracked fairings on Yamahas with the aid of epoxy.


Step-by-step guide on fixing Yamaha fairings with epoxy

Step 1 – Sand the fairings

The first thing you need to do is to sand the cracked area on your fairings. Use qualitative sandpaper so that you achieve a rough surface for the epoxy to settle into.r1 fairings, Keep in mind that this is necessary for the epoxy to provide a durable fix on your fairings. Also, it would help if you always sanded both the interior and the exterior of the fairing around the cracked area.

Step 2 – Remove sanding debris

After you sand the fairings properly, you should make sure there is no dust or debris left. Clean the area so that it is ready for the next step.

Step 3 – Open the epoxy package and use the applicator stick

When you open the package, you will discover that there are two ingredients inside. One is an epoxy resin, and the other is an amine resin. Use the applicator included in the package and mix those ingredients. Afterward, use the applicator stick and apply the epoxy evenly on the outside of the cracked area. Keep in mind that the epoxy will harden in around 15 minutes, meaning that is the timeframe you have to mold it.

Step 4 – Allow the epoxy to sit

Allow the epoxy layer on the outside of your fairings to sit for around 24 hours. Only after this timeframe, you can apply more to the inside of the cracked area. And, of course, you should allow another 24 hours for it to cure.

Step 5 – Final touches

Once both sides have cured, you can move forward and do a light sanding to deal with any uneven surfaces left. Clean any dust, debris, or epoxy left on site.cheap motorcycle fairings, After doing so, apply the primer provider by the manufacturer and follow with paint. Based on the instructions, you can use either one or two layers of paint.


This being said, in two days, you can fix your Yamaha fairings with a cost-effective solution. Still, keep in mind that if your damage is more serious, it is always best to consider replacing the fairings, rather than fixing them with epoxy.


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