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what’s good guys hope everyone’s having  a great day as you can see I busted out  the plans so today is gonna be a great  day today’s gonna be a fun-filled vlog  there’s gonna be so much going on  it’s ridiculous so basically Kanye’s  album comes out today so you know I’m  super excited about that really looking  forward to this album ever since Jesus  he’s actually doing a fashion show in  Madison Square Garden right now for easy  season three and I really wanted to go  to Madison Square Garden in New York  City just for it so I can go to the show  listen to the album get some merch but  unfortunately I made the smart move of  just staying out here so I’m gonna go  watch it at the movie theater because  they are showing it worldwide in movie  theatres so we’re going to the Culver  City theater to go watch it all right  guys it’s so beautiful outside but not  as beautiful as the guy next to me why’d  you everybody thinks we’re a secret  lovers the comments I’m hungry as hell ,cheap jordan shoes, do I feel like my shoes I feel like  Pablo when I’m working on anything album  covers pretty dope I like that cover  more than I like the title name really  you know how his albums are like every  cover is legendary yeah so I think this  adds I think this one was like I think  waves would have been the best title or  so help me God .

I think  like swish – looking swish swish swish  all right so we will see you guys at the  theater oh can you take us perfect yes  Hey  why you so busy  I know that I’m gonna get flamed in the  comments for wearing a supreme shirt  with the allergen look II love you  enough first I put your side  and I ask you please supreme yeah I know  but I just want this shirt I want to  album therefore I don’t know why you’re  not wearing yours you I don’t know let’s  just say fire kicks he’s in the hotels  he said don’t worry this may be still  high V not to fire kicks people this is  the fire kick  all of a sudden line board hype is real  bow  black popular what are your expectations  man people were saying it was the best  one yes he says the greatest of all time  pieces and that’s fine oh I don’t know  it might it might be the last again oh  wow oh yeah you’re right close your name  cocaine cocaine nice to meet you broke  ice I got my eye on the food pan come on  you think Oh give myself some something  to eat I haven’t ate all day should we  go sit first and then come back ,cheap jordans online,I say  get it right now and there are ain’t  nobody got food in the line I refuse    okay so we’re in the theater right now  watch you best why do I keep introducing  I know yeah anyway we’ve got to watch  the show it’s about to start  everyone in computer voice think yeah  dude it’s freaking packed with you I  regret not going to New York now man  .

alright guys so it just wrapped up what  do you think it was cool man  it was dope it was like it’s like we  were talking about it the more I think  old gospel thing I see it it said we  gotta hear it you gotta hear it again  but I say I like it yeah I want to hear  it in my car or in my headphones I think  the the show was dope I would feel sorry  for the models who had to stand there  for interesting anybody minutes but it  was still really dope I think my  favorite part was every time Kanye  picked up to my head started talking you  know the most interesting part I want to  hear the album in its entirety and just  listen to it I’m disappointed there’s no  Drake appearance yeah those future  sprinkles future yeah Frank Ocean on the  end was super-surprising chance the  rapper which I like trains uprisings I  liked it what else was there weekend  wasn’t it no future was in it no I  didn’t do – was it feature was it yeah I  liked that song a lot but I want to hear  the album hopefully does come out within  the next hour or so because uh wanna  hear it already you know video here it’s  been fixed three new years we need the  damn album butchered to go as far as  saying how the greatest of all time how  alike to him like I think I gotta hear  it again but nothing will top my mind I  was just a beautiful fairness yeah I  wanted to say that’s the greatest album  ever so yeah so but yeah I was still  dope brother was a dope vibe in there it  was a dope dope experience rather than  just sitting at home and watching it  through the hungry kid,cheap jordan 11, I like wait we  went upstairs no yeah we did so we came  through this door right here  so yeah so it was cool experience and  now why do you us got to go to class he  skipped class to come here guys I just a  class and a break if you don’t escape  that’s right this is like my problem  without working up over to you hey yo yo  you guys never skip class right dose get  plastic let me go to the guys feel like  Pablo Joe feel like Pablo anyway I’m  gonna go to this Nike sneakers Express  pop-up shop or whatever it’s called to  see what they have I’m not expecting  anything crazy because if there was  crazy and you would have solid all  over this Nike blog I mean sneaker blogs  and things like that oh let’s just go  see how it is is get some dope shots for  you guys and I’m good    all right guys so I’m currently in line  right now appointment body started back  time coming shout it to this guy right  yeah 39 we got 40 minutes no I thought I  do did we meet no II didn’t me  yeah we were talking on Twitter a couple  months ago and then we just met each  other yes very cool dude what do you  plan on coughing if they have yeah  anything dope anything other than like  the basic Nike Basketball there’s  gonna be at every footlocker and every  champs will be pretty cool even if they  have the Jordan 30s I kind of want to  get managerial issues we should be able  to another way good job  there’s a gentleman that went to the  back door when I was leaving and I asked  him he was the guy and that sergeant  wanted something people she’s like it’s  into my business I think I want to do I  just told you my sauce  regardless if you go to the doctor  my point is that I made an appointment  to be here everybody here made  appointments to be here they spend their  time waiting in line to be here and if  somebody just comes and walks back door  I think we should know  and giving you the one-stop area to get  some of the hottest kicks before they  even release so you have the opportunity  to check out stuff just like the  all-star fact that we have here that a  lot of our elite athletes are wearing  inspired by Toronto from Kobe Katie  Braun  PG and Davis McLaws other stuff tortilla  van Ranken sports    so basically the Nike Express experience  or whatever it is this is how it works  you were supposed to RSVP and every 30  minutes they let a new group of people  who RSVP’d go in and try to buy  something but it’s all the same stuff  you could get like a footlocker or at  Nike store the only thing is that they  had Chicago ones it’s already 4 o’clock  now so they’re gone now so everybody  bought them but yeah I don’t know if  it’s worth it but it’s not it’s nothing  like Toronto because I know Toronto has  everything like stuff that isn’t even  releasing until next month so it’s crazy            I don’t think I honestly will ever be  able to live outside of California maybe  for like a month I could go somewhere  but nah man I’ve just been born and  raised out here from San Francisco to LA  and there’s still parts of California  that I haven’t even seen so it’s just I  just love it out here man like  and I know everyone’s gonna comment that  this is the this is the same area as  grand theft auto I know it is it’s  inspired by this whole area right there  obviously guys the boardwalk is right  there so so you guys probably won’t  believe it but I actually came to the  gym so I’m in Hollywood right now about  a hit up LA Fitness it’s a public place  in basketball get some cardio and hit  the treadmill you know get a nice  workout in try to come five days a week  starting today I know I always say I’m  gonna start going to the gym but  hopefully this is the real deal we’ll  see I need you guys to push me man I  need you guys to force me to come to the  gym if I don’t go to the gym at least  five days out of the week you guys  should just like tweet me above my  social media and be like fat ass go to  the gym what up guys so I just got home  from the gym just showered up feeling  all fresh and clean and I gotta say I  don’t know what Kanye is doing man Kanye  kind of frustrating me .

I know you’re not  watching this obviously but you know he  got Kanye fans all around the world  frustrated so anyway hopefully the album  drops today or something don’t think I  forgot guys cuz I owe you guys these so  one of you guys is gonna win these they  are a size 10 can’t believe I’m giving  these away but you guys got 10,000  thumbs up so I gotta do it for you guys  so I’m gonna be giving these away but  I’m gonna be giving these away through  that app journey so you got to download  the app journey I’m gonna link it in the  description box down below from there  follow me and then from there wait for  me to post the journey about these shoes  and that’s when the giveaway will begin  and I’ll explain to you what you have to  do in order to win DS it’ll be super  super simple and you can win them  through the app so yeah that’s how it’s  gonna work  and yeah so sometime today on the app  journey I’m gonna give these away and  for the people that say I don’t know get  the shoes away in the giveaway I will  personally love myself going to the post  present shipping these bad boys out for  you guys so good luck to everyone  download the app thank you guys for  watching let me get a big thumbs up hope  you guys have a great weekend good night  guys  they basically this is what is selling  the shoe not the quality like all the  other Jordan fours but this one those  right and red Jordan Ford’s that came  out recently


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