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Supreme Air Force 1, Can LeBron Outsell Jordan, Reebok Question Stash and more on Today in Sneaks

yo I am Jacques Slade and these are the  top story to hit the web today from  Reebok from Nike with the triple dose of  line at Nike CEO mark parker he talks  about Reebok and if lebron canal so  Jordan as well as those supreme air  force ones this is today in sneaks  that’s not with the Reebok question  which is easily my favorite sneaker in  the entire Reebok liner the latest make  up that she was created in collaboration  with stash was an iconic graffiti artist  from New York will actually from Long  Island now this makeup already made it  overseas and the red and black leather  upper is a follow-up to the blue pair  that actually released back in June of  this year .

you can look for wider us  distribution of ease on October  thirty-first for 140 dollars Maggie  will’ve entailed a big event in New York  City today highlighted quite a few  things for the female athlete from  tights to leggings bras to a special  collection for Nike lab location from  designer patio lourenço in addition to  the apparel nike also gave us a look at  the nike lunar flyknit 3 the nike  flyknit zoom agility and the Flyknit  roshe run of course the roshe run has  already been seen,cheap jordan 11, but the lunar flyknit  3 and the zoom agility our new additions  to the entire lineup you could look for  all three pairs to actually hit retail  starting in February 2015 on the  business side of things at 19 CEO Mark  Parker went on Bloomberg TV today to  talk about the future of the company he  had a few things to say that definitely  caught my attention for once he said  nike plans to work with Apple to expand  the whole digital frontier in terms of  wearable now this could be a good thing  because it means like stuff like the  FuelBand or the Nike wats can have some  sort of Nike integration he also said  that they need to be more stealth which  is something that I definitely agree  with their kind of it on the geeky side  right now he also said that Nike was  confident about the relationship with  Kevin Durant and more confident about  what’s going on in the future basically  saying he wasn’t really worried about  the under armour deal for three hundred  million dollars so that’s something now  some pretty good insight there from the  CEO finally when he was asked about  LeBron versus Jordan well not  necessarily LeBron versus Jordan he was  asked if LeBron could ever outsource  outsell Jordan and mark parker said you  never know Never Say Never which is a  pretty cool thing to say smiling the  Nike and supreme Air Force One images  have been floating around the web for a  few weeks now and it looks like they  just became official ,jordan 11 china,today well and as  did their release date  which is actually tomorrow the sticker  will be dropping in a black red and a  white pair all of which have supreme  across the hill the number 94 on the  ankle and world-famous on the ankle as  well as for a release all the parents  will be hitting in LA are London shots.


I want to know do you think lebron  was visually outsell jordan nike CEO  Parker said never say never but let me  know your thoughts right down in the  comments after what I rocket today it is  this shoe you see in my hand the lunar  flyknit to they talked about the lunar  flyknit three today so I was like oh let  me grab my flying it out I haven’t worn  those in a while so brought these out to  rock them today I ran it is a couple  times and I didn’t necessarily like it ,cheap jordan shoes, so I don’t want to me but I do wear  these around casually which is probably  not the best thing to say again but just  being on it anyway if you haven’t  already why don’t you like favorite and  subscribe it while we into that that way  you know whatever something awesome.

I  can’t talk today that way you know  whatever something awesome is happening  right here on this channel as always i  am your host jacques Slade I appreciate  you interested today I cannot talk this  is today it sneaks and I’ll see you soon  peace and imma leave it like that shoot  I’m gonna cut piece turned on the effort  that allows it to still remain visible  actually wore trained or I got some war  testes in the elite socks and I usually  wear just the regular nike dri-fit socks  and my foot didn’t feel really hot I  where the dry fit one just because I  feel like my feet get really hot really  quickly and I did.


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